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We support you with valuable sector expertise, For CORPORATE, PRIVATE and PUBLIC EVENTS.

What we can do for you:


  • Design and implementation of integrative, whole-evening entertainment concepts

  • Show production

  • Extensive consultation when selecting artists

  • Commissioning artists and testing their suitability for your event

  • Contract negotiations and completion with the artists

  • Complete logistical and technical preparations for the artists’ performances

  • Communication interface for all project partners involved in the implementation (technical service providers, internal and external Project Managers, Creative Directors, Stage Managers, Media Partners, etc.)

  • Calculation, registration, and payment of artists’ taxes and fees

  • On-site artist supervision and, if desired, personnel selection for important positions,
    e.g. stage management or technical management


We support you with valuable sector expertise, 
a broad range of experience, and professionalism.


You save time / budget, maximize the ROI of your actions, and avoid costly or image-damaging mistakes in implementing your live communication goals.


Optimization of the added value of your event concepts.

Contribution to the development and emotionalisation of (employer) brands.


Know-how from 28 years of relevant, authentic industry experience with a special focus on the commercial and contractual / fiscal complexity of the industry.


Through many years of experience on the customer side, we move safely in the context of, brand, market and corporate communication and can advise you strategically.


We have personal contacts with the actual representatives of the top acts and a market-leading artist pool.


Through many years of activity in music management and on the customer side, we speak both languages.


Professional interface management based on our lean organization guarantees maximum efficiency.

star act booking

Is Elton John available?
Can Pink sing our corporate song?
How much does Ed Sheeran actually charge? 

There are countless questions with which we are confronted during our daily business.

It is not so easy to answer them, not even for agencies who deal with this market every day.


Many stars make even their own management wait for days and weeks before giving them their “yes” or “no”. And if they do finally agree, there are contract clauses, rights, special fees, and special requirements.

Experience has taught us that when hiring national and international stars and celebrities, people often have erroneous expectations regarding their suitability – one cannot always guarantee that famous top acts are going to be adaptable and flexible. Customers or agencies often get nervous when they are confronted with the variety of the artists’ demands, some of which they simply cannot understand.


This is precisely where our strengths lie – we are able to deal with these questions, since we have experience with artists and their temperaments. Starting with the infamous demands made by some artists, such as a dressing room all decked out in white, through to the little things, such as an ironing board for the costume designer. We keep an overview, and we take care of it.


Another important consideration is unanswered legal questions, e.g. to what extent you are allowed to use a performance for internal and external communications. In some instances, artists’ contractual obligations can also affect your own public relations work.
A further issue is the fees charged by star acts, or their market value.

We keep track of all these parameters on your behalf and are happy to provide you with a personal consultation at any time when selecting art

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